How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

SMART Home Buyer Advantage Program

The SMART Home Buyer Advantage Program helps Buyers Move With Confidence making the buying process a whole lot less stressful, and a whole lot more fun.

Our program is built on a proven, repeatable system backed by market research to find the ideal home, negotiated at the best price, on the best terms to save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and costly mistakes. And ensure that it is a good investment too.

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Simple, Easy Process

  • Discovery

  • Develop Success Strategy

  • Prepare for Success

  • Find Home and Contract

  • Close On The Home

3 Promises

1. We will never take you to a home that doesn’t meet your needs.

2. We will never take you to a community you haven’t checked out.

3. We will never take you to a house without a letter in your back pocket

that says, “You can buy it, if you like it”.

2 Guarantees

1. If we have to make more than 2 offers before you have a contract,

we will pay for your home inspection when your offer is accepted*.

2. If you don’t like your new home, we will sell it at no cost, and

help you buy your nexthome*. Terms and conditions apply.

Who Will Benefit From The SMART Home Buyer Advantage Program?

  • First Time Home Buyer

  • Move up to more bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Downsize to less size and maintenance

  • Sell and Buy a house at the same time

  • Purchase an investment property

  • Deciding if you should buy

  • Discovering if they can buy

  • Veterans wanting to leverage all their benefits

  • On the "Fuzzy Front End"- just planning and need more clarity

  • I need to move now!

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